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Configuration files in XIMPEL
Description: In this tutorial the XIMPEL configuration file will be discussed, with examples at the end.

By using the XIMPEL configuration XML file you can change various settings for your XIMPEL application, without having to recompile the whole application. You only have to make the changes in the configuration file and restart the XIMPEL application. The default name for the configuration file is "ximpelConfig.xml".

For XimpelPlayer, you can configure the following parameters:

  • playlist: Location of the playlist, relative to the location of XimpelPlayer. [Default value: ""]
  • assetsDir: Directory where overlay images are stored, relative to the location of XimpelPlayer. [Default value: ""]
  • videoDir: Directory where local videos are stored, relative to the location of XimpelPlayer. [Default value: ""]
  • extraQuestionDuration: Duration in seconds for extra questions. [Default value: 6]
  • scoreMultiplier: The factor which the score is multiplied with. It can be used to create a game-like score. [Default value: 1000]
  • extraQuestionScore: The added score for each correctly answered extra question, on a scale from 0.0 to 1.0. [Default value: 0.5]

All parameters are optional, so you are not obliged to use them all. Furthermore, these parameters can also be changed in the configuration file when you create a custom XIMPEL application.

The appearance and labels of ximpelApp can be changed by configuring the following parameters:

  • scoreMessages
    • scoreThreshold: Rule for determining the evaluation message.
  • language
    • questionLabel [Default value: "Question"]
    • subjectLabel [Default value: "Subject"]
    • scoreLabel [Default value: "Score"]
    • extraQuestionRightLabel [Default value: "Right!"]
    • extraQuestionWrongLabel [Default value: "Wrong!"]
    • extraSegmentLabel [Default value: "Extra footage!"]
    • nextButtonLabel [Default value: "Next"]
    • playButtonLabel [Default value: "Play"]
    • playAgainButtonLabel [Default value: "Play again"]
  • titleScreenImage: Path to titel screen image. Uses assetsDir if set. [Default value: embedded dragonslair.jpg]
  • titleScreenHeader [Default value: "XIMPEL Application"]
  • skipInstructionScreen [Default value: false]
  • instructionScreenHeader [Default value: "Instructions Interactive Video Application"]
  • instructionScreenHTMLText: Instruction screen text. HTML formatting is allowed.
  • evaluationScreenHeader [Default value: "Your storyline"]
  • evaluationScreenScoreLabel [Default value: "Your score"]
  • evaluationScreenSubjectLabel [Default value: "Played subjects"]
All parameters are optional, so you are not required to use them all.

Example 1: ximpelApp configuration file with XimpelPlayer configuration

    <scoreThreshold upperlimit="1" message="That's really bad..."/>
    <scoreThreshold underlimit="3" message="Well done!"/>
    <scoreThreshold underlimit="1" upperlimit="2" 
      message="Thanks for playing! Try again."/>
    <extraSegmentLabel>Extra footage!</extraSegmentLabel>
    <playAgainButtonLabel>Play again</playAgainButtonLabel>
  <titleScreenHeader>XIMPEL Application</titleScreenHeader>
    Instructions Interactive Video Application
      <LI>Watch the video</LI>
      <LI>Make choices by clicking in the video</LI>
      <LI>Find hidden segments to score bonus points</LI>
      <LI>Answer extra question correctly for more bonus points</LI>
  <evaluationScreenHeader>Your storyline</evaluationScreenHeader>
  <evaluationScreenScoreLabel>Your score</evaluationScreenScoreLabel>
  <evaluationScreenSubjectLabel>Played subjects</evaluationScreenSubjectLabel>

Example 2: custom XIMPEL application configuration file with only XimpelPlayer configuration