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XIMPEL's goal is to provide an open multimedia platform which can be used for both entertainment and education. Keeping in mind the large amount of online video available (such as on YouTube), we enable users to create their own storylines.

To do so XIMPEL offers the following features:

  • Customizable, clickable overlays and visuals, which can be used to;
  • Access different branches of the storyline, and can;
  • Link to both external and internal information sources;
  • Customizable questions;
  • A scoring mechanism to weight the choices made and the answers given
  • Modularity, as XIMPEL can incorporate the user's own (Flash) minigames, questionnaires, etc.

All of the variables, such as the clips to be shown, the branches, overlays, questions and score points, are modifiable through a collection of XML configuration files, which are read by the XIMPEL Player.