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We invite you to subscribe to the XIMPEL mailing-list, through which you will be notified of the latest updates, and can get in touch with each other.

You can subscribe for the mailing-list or contact us regarding any question by sending an e-mail to ximpel@gmail.com!

The XIMPEL team is located at the Faculty of Science at the VU University in Amsterdam and consists of:

Winoe Bhikharie, MSc (developer)

Hugo Huurdeman, MSc (developer/designer)

Marek van de Watering, MSc (designer)

Anton Eliëns, prof. dr. (supervisor)

We are aided by, and wish to thank, a number of students in Information Science and Computer Science, being Wouter den Boer, Timen Olthof, Sanja Bankras and Marek Kirejczyk.